Topcoat applied to protect Intumescent paint coatings and to match building design and colour
Intumescent Paint Coatings

If you need to protect any steel structures, then Tech Coatings Service for Intumescent Paint Coatings can help with your needs. We offer Spray application or application by Brush or Roller.

Side of a ship having Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting (UHP)
Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting

All of Tech Coating’s specialist staff have been trained with The Water Jetting Association for expert use in Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting (UHP) and have years of experience in the Water Blasting Industry.

High Pressure Jetting
High Pressure Water Jetting

High-Pressure Water Jetting is the perfect solution for removing contaminants. Tech Coatings pride ourselves in Health & Safety and our staff have been highly trained with the High-Pressure Jetting Association (HPWJA).

UHP - Kings Cross
Abrasive Blasting

Tech Coatings Abrasive Blasting Services will help to remove contaminants of all types. We offer Sand Blasting, Shot Blasting, Glass Blasting and more. These methods are conducted by projecting grit.

Dock Side Equipment - After
Painting Specialist

Here at Tech Coatings, we offer a broad range of services for onsite coating applications, these can range from Railway Stations to Office Exteriors and even painting Ships.