Our Marine Services specialises in the Preparation, which removes all old existing coatings by UHP (Ultra High Water Blasting) or Grit Blasting and the application of new coatings. This work can be carried out on the Quayside, Dry Dock, Wet Berths or slipways on all Marine vessels. We can carry out UHP Blasting on all steel-hulled boats, Tugs, Passenger Ferries and any marine vessel regardless of size. Our UHP units are mobile and we can take and set up on any site in the country. Any Marine vessels that cannot be UHP Blasted, which include vessels built of Wood or Fibre Glass these can be High Pressure washed but Sand Blasting or Glass blasting is used to remove old paint. High-Pressure Wash is used to remove any contaminants including seaweed, barnacles lose paint and silt from the underwater area of vessels that are docked to assess any remedial work needed. High-Pressure wash can determine the preparation needed before any UHP Blasting or Painting is carried out. This work is carried out using safe and professional procedures and all Paint and Coatings are applied to adhere to the Manufacturer’s instructions. Our Marine services cover the internal areas of a vessel we provide a tank cleaning and engine room cleaning service our operatives are experienced in confined space work and can work whilst the vessel is docked or we can provide a riding crew where appropriate.