Intumescent paint coatings are water or solvent-based paints that are applied to the exposed and semi/exposed steel of a building to provide protection to the steel in event of a fire. These coatings can be Spray applied or applied by Brush or Roller and our work is undertaken on site. A Primer coat is applied prior to the application of the intumescent paint and a Topcoat is applied in the required finish to match into the building’s design and colour.

Intumescent paint coatings, when applied as per the manufacturer’s fire rating recommendations, can provide a burning time of 30 mins to 2hrs depending on the legal requirement of the building.

Intumescent paints work in the event of a fire by expanding and producing a Char this will protect the steel under high temperatures enabling the fire to be brought under control before it damages the structural integrity of the building.

If you require any further information on intumescent paint coatings or require a site visit please contact us by email or our contact phone number.

Please see photographs for suggested application.

  • Primer Coat Applied
  • Intumescent Paint Applied to correct thicknesses as per burning time required
  • Topcoat applied to protect Intumescent paint coatings and to match building design and colour