Sand Blasting, Shot Blasting, Glass Blasting are just some of the methods we employ to remove old paint and coatings, debris, oil, grime, rust and other contaminants from all types of surfaces including steel, cast and wrought iron, concrete, timber, stone and plastic.

We find these processes can be the most effective way of de-scaling, de-burring and cleaning both awkward interior and external surfaces.

Abrasive Blasting, Sand Blasting, Shot Blasting, Glass Blasting is conducted by projecting grit, sand, glass or garnet using compressed air onto a surface leaving the surface clean, dry and profiled ready to apply new coatings.
We can also offer slurry blasting as an alternative this combines Ultra High Water Blasting with abrasive blasting, this can produce a more consistent finish and is less aggressive on softer surfaces.

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is where Sand is used as an abrasive to remove old coatings. This process will leave a smooth or rough surface depending on the finish required. It is a gentler form of blasting and can be used on softer materials such as wood, fibreglass, brick and stone.

We can use Sand Blasting on Domestic and Commercial Properties, Sand Blasting can be used to restore brickwork, wooden beams and flooring by removing all imperfections, old plaster, paint and varnish restoring the surface back to its original state this process is effective when restoring old buildings.

Tech Coatings will use Sand Blasting on smaller Marine vessels made of wood or fibreglass, Sandblasting will remove rust, scale, and old paint from the vessel leaving the surface prepared and profiled for new coatings.