High Pressure Jetting can be described as Hydrocleaning it is run at under 5,000 psi and by focusing the pressurised water system the force generated can remove contaminates, pollution, membranes and flaky paint in a fast, efficient and safe way.

High-Pressure Water Jetting is not only economical but has many environmental advantages being cleaner and leaves less waste than Sand, Grit or Bead Blasting. It can be used on all surfaces including wood, concrete, Plastics, brick and Metal hence this process is becoming more widely used in most industries. It is the safer option for use in highly flammable industries such as fuel tanks, oil refineries and gas storage sites.

We use High-Pressure Water Jetting when a Ship, Boat or ferry comes into dry dock to remove any contaminants including barnacles, seaweed, silt and loose paint to ascertain any remedial work needed to be done.

We pride ourselves in Health and Safety and our staff have all been trained with the High-Pressure Water Jetting Association (HPWJA) as safety and the correct use of equipment is paramount.